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Mousses, Lefkas - which villa?

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Karennbeddow Sun 29-Jun-14 20:06:03

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helenabeth Mon 01-Apr-13 15:32:17

We've stayed in 3 - and I#d recommend one down that end, as there's a huge open space at the back for little ones to run around in. Also, you're as far as you can be from the car park and pool, so no discernible evening noise. The patio areas are shaded with trees, so you won't really see into each one, but sound carries. But it's a small, relaxed place and you will have a wonderful time!

WelshWereRabbit Wed 27-Mar-13 14:17:05

I am thinking of booking Mousses for a week early in May and would really appreciate help choosing which villa from anyone who has been. The ones available are 1(Melpomene) 2(Eliterpe) 3(Terpsichore) 9(Polymiha) or 10(Ourania).

Basically we have 2 small children (1yo and 4yo) with us and I am trying to work out which end of the complex is best in terms of access to the bar/restaurant/creche and also from the point of view of noise and private space to play/chill out. Also these are all attached villas - is the outside area pretty private if we want to chill out on our own in the evening?

I am on here during my lunch hour so won't check back for a few hours, but will be very appreciative if anyone can help me make up my mind!

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