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Easter in Amsterdam

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iheartdusty Wed 20-Mar-13 21:15:56

We have a short holiday booked and I'd appreciate any suggestions and advice.

We'll arrive in the evening of Saturday 30th March for one week, staying self-catering in the Westerdok area.

Do the clocks go forward for Spring? When?

Do things close over the Easter weekend, in particular will most shops (esp food shops & bakeries) be open on Easter Sunday and Monday?

will we be able to buy tram tickets etc over that weekend?

we have a couple of guidebooks, but if anyone has any tips for things to do specifically that week, I'd be very grateful. DC are 11 and 9, we will be visiting museums, NEMO, art museums, the Vondelpark, possibly the zoo.

I read about a play centre called something like tun fun, would this appeal to older children?

thanks in advance

kateecass Thu 21-Mar-13 09:47:28

Afraid I can't really answer your questions. Just wanted to say if you don't get any answers ask over on the Tripadvisor Amsterdam board. I've just been to Amsterdam for the weekend and got loads of info over there. We had a fab time.

My top tip if you want to go to Anne Frank Museum is go in late afternoon. We walked straight in at about 4 o'clock, possibly later. When we walked past another day queue was going round the block!! Also, if you're planning on going to Van Gogh museum it is being renovated and part of the collection (quite a lot and worth going to see still) is in the Hermitage Museum. Quite a long walk from the Van Gogh museum. I think it'll still be being renovated by then.

Oh and also make sure you know exactly where the red light district is, you do literally turn a corner and it's there!! Might not want to take the kids there!!

Also, visit the pancake bakery for a great kid friendly restaurant. Yum!!

Have fun.

iheartdusty Thu 21-Mar-13 11:08:12

great, thanks, useful to know about Van G as it was on our list

yes, I'm not sure how to answer questions about 'ladies in windows'! time for a quick diversion probably. DH said tell them the women are at work hmm

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