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Trip to Brussels with 5 month old

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rcfallon Sun 03-Mar-13 19:19:47

Hi, I am thinking of going to Brussels in late March with a 5 mth old baby. My husband will be there on business so just the 2 of us will be out and about in the day. Is it pram friendly? Is it baby friendly? Is it breastfeeding friendly? What are good sights to see bearing in mind I am with the baby? We are staying very central.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Portofino Mon 04-Mar-13 09:16:18

Central Brussels is flat with one hill heading up to the Mont des Arts - you can avoid the steps. Lots of cobbles though - I remember having RSI pushing the buggy about when dd was little. wink Most places are really accepting of children. We have been here 7 years and dd has always been out and about with us.

The Grand Place and Mannequin Pis are must sees. Apparently the Art museums don't allow prams/slings though hmm If you get the Tram or Metro to Heysel Brupark and Mini-Europe are quite entertaining. I have a useful book at home so should be able to come up with some more tips later. If you want some company I might be able to rustle up some MNetters to meet up for lunch. I work in central Brussels.

rcfallon Mon 04-Mar-13 20:24:42

Hi Portofino
Thank you for the info, v helpful. If we go ahead with the trip it would be great to meet for lunch smile smile

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