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Single Parent(s) Summer Scottish School Holidays

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makemineapinot Tue 05-Mar-13 22:36:38

Try posting on lone parents. I'm a lone parent in Scotland but have older kids! We're off to Majorca. You may find people will think Cyprus in July/Aug is too hot for wee ones but its a lovely idea and I would have loved that when my ex first left!

BiscuitCrumbs Sun 03-Mar-13 15:22:02

Hi Mum's or Dad's,

I'm trying to organise an up and coming holiday for single parent's with younger children 1-8 y/o. Our summer holiday begins on the 1st July - 16th August 2013 and I've been thinking about going to Cyprus (Paphos), although very open to other countries or places. I have a DD who will be 4 by then. We would really enjoy meeting up with other parents with children of similar ages or a little older. Would like to book up fairly soon, so we're not missing out!

Many thanks,

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