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A villa in Spain near Valencia?

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loulouppy Tue 12-Mar-13 22:28:29

sounds like you should be looking around El Portet or Moraira or try north a bit just North of Denia there are some nice shared pool properties around there close to the beach and still quite spanish.

Nonky Sun 03-Mar-13 12:28:06

I recently posted to ask if anyone knew of baza in Andalusia and got some fab advice thank you (sorry I can't find thread to reply).

We've decided to follow advice so are now looking for a villa with shared pool for 2 weeks sort of between Valencia (or just north) to alicante. Budget is tight (isn't it always!!). We already have really cheap flights booked to Madrid and will be hiring a car
I'd like to go to one that's a recommendation :-)

Thanks in advance

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