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Gites in the Vendee

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SpeccyBat Sat 02-Mar-13 08:15:40

Can anyone help with this?
DH, 2 DD's and I are camping in France then driving to the Vendee. We're hoping to hire a little gite, with pool for a fortnight, then during that stay, collect our parents and MIL for a week's holiday, so another little gite in the same vicinity would be perfect.

Does anyone know of a place? I know it's a big ask, but sometimes, someone may know of somewhere perfect <is hopeful>


Portofino Sun 03-Mar-13 08:50:48

We have booked here near La Rochelle for this summer.

SpeccyBat Sun 03-Mar-13 17:50:59

Wow Portofino - it looks stunning.
How did you find it? I'm getting all the Owners Direct and Cottages 4U stuff, but I'd like to book direct with owners instead of through an agency.

shushpenfold Sun 03-Mar-13 17:55:36

We've stayed here twice - the owners are british and are really lovely (Dirk and Alison) Not vastly expensive compared to other gites although most definitely not on the coast. There are at least 2 gites and I suspect a third now as they were expanding slightly the last time we went.

Portofino Mon 04-Mar-13 08:49:51

Found that one on Homeaway and then arranged direct with the (British) owner.

shesariver Mon 04-Mar-13 14:49:17

I stayed here and it was just so lovely and peaceful, the private pool was solar heated to. Lots of garden for the kids to play in.

Booked it through the website Chez Nous where you are booking direct with the owners.

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