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Christmas markets with kids

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monkeysmama Thu 28-Feb-13 11:44:04

Anyone taken their kids to a Christmas market abroad? I'm looking to book a weekend away the first weekend in December probably. LOs will be 5 and 1.5


Snusmumriken Thu 28-Feb-13 11:54:55

I am partial to xmas markets in Scandinavia. Stockholm is just about the prettiest capital city a person could find and it is lovely in the winter and had loads of great markets.

dinkystinky Thu 28-Feb-13 11:55:56

We went to Tivoli in Copenhagen with DS1 when he was 2 and a half. Was lovely.

Longdistance Thu 28-Feb-13 11:57:49

I've been to several, and find they have lots for kids to do like rides, Santa's grotto and so on. Will be cold, so wrap up warm, and get the gluwien in, and egg nog, mmmmmm envy

Snusmumriken Thu 28-Feb-13 12:00:23

Oh, yes- Tivoli is amazing. Some of my best childhood memories are from xmas markets in Copenhagen.

monkeysmama Thu 28-Feb-13 12:40:05

Tivoli looks lovely. Any suggestions on where to stay.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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