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Can anyone help with Balearic/ Canary Island Holidays? Really confused!

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OwlMother Wed 27-Feb-13 19:51:13

We are looking at villa with pool type holidays for five people (dcs aged 7,9 and 13)
We are not great with heat so need a/c, and a private pool. We normally go to northern Italy, switzerland, france etc, but feel the kids would love the pool angle and are old enough to ake it easy during the hottest parts of the day.

We tend not to like anywhere too resorty, where everyone else is on holiday. But we do like things to do, watersports, days out etc.

I know it's a big ask but does anyone know of anywhere that might fit the bill- I have a fear of arriving somewhere and discovering it's all a bit 18- 30! Thank you!

diabolo Fri 01-Mar-13 17:58:32

Why not hire a villa, either through Owners Direct or someone like James Villas (if you want to use a company).

Using OD means not paying the ridiculous prices some companies charge, you can hire a car with the money you save and choose where you want (beach resort or inland).

I always go to Menorca, so if you fancy that here's the link to 3 bedroomed villas:

There's nowhere on the Island that is like the 18-30 crowd, the busiest resorts are Cala'n Bosch, Cala'n Forcat/Blanes - pretty much everywhere else should suit.

OwlMother Sat 02-Mar-13 18:13:20

Thank you, a villa does sound like the way forward, just a bit dubious - what with not knowing areas and things. I'll have a look at your link, thanks!

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