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Grannylipstick Tue 19-Feb-13 21:33:32

Any one been to agidir. Thinking of going for 7days at Easter

givemeaclue Wed 20-Feb-13 13:36:02

Yes, it wasn't very nice. Wouldn't recommend.

Grannylipstick Fri 22-Feb-13 20:00:02

Which hotel did you use give me a clue?

craftynclothy Fri 22-Feb-13 20:01:37

I didn't enjoy agadir at all (can't remember hotel). Much preferred Tunisia.

givemeaclue Fri 22-Feb-13 23:44:31

Can't remember but whole resort was grotty

craftynclothy Sat 23-Feb-13 08:49:07

Dh has remembered the hotel we stayed in. It was the Iberostar Founty Beach and was ok. He liked it more than me.

happybubblebrain Sat 23-Feb-13 08:52:41

I went a few years ago, it was ok. The hotel was quite good - sorry I can't remember which one. We did a two day trip to Marrakech which broke the week up nicely. I would have preferred staying in Marrakech for the whole week though.

OldBeanbagz Mon 25-Feb-13 09:47:34

I went to Agadir pre-children and found it a bit grim. Essaouira is a bit further up the coast and so much nicer.

Have been to Morocco four times and am a big fan of the country smile

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