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Forest of Compiegne, Picardy

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Portofino Tue 19-Feb-13 20:44:43

Aw - I am just a frustrated travel agent at heart. I am not always nice. But I have travelled a lot in Europe so like to help where I can....

serin Tue 19-Feb-13 13:19:17

Thankyou both for the links.

Portofino you are always so nice to everyone smile

Portofino Tue 19-Feb-13 06:29:19

The Belgian half term is the following week as it always incorporates All Saints - 1 st nov.

Heavywheezing Mon 18-Feb-13 19:11:33

I was looking for feb half term.
Was told it was french half term there as well so that might be your problem


Portofino Mon 18-Feb-13 18:40:40

gites de france

Portofino Mon 18-Feb-13 18:37:26

Also try Tripadvisor. They do Flipkey rentals on there now.

serin Mon 18-Feb-13 16:16:27

Thanks Portofino, for us it starts the 19th Oct.

Will check out your links.

Portofino Mon 18-Feb-13 13:13:17 When is the October half term?

serin Mon 18-Feb-13 10:45:28

We want to rent a cottage/Gite here.

Have tried all the easily googled sites (Owners Direct/French country cottages etc) but nothing much available for the week we want to go (Oct half term)

Am I missing something?

Where have all the privately rented Gites gone?

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