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Tenerife hotels/ apartments

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MalkieFraser Sat 23-Feb-13 07:04:54

Can't beat Parque Santiago 3 and 4 in my opinion. Lovely area of Las Americas, little waterpark for the kids, giant pools, fabulous mini-golf and right on the sea front.

LaFlotte Tue 19-Feb-13 19:07:33

Hi - we stayed at the Bahia Princess I think it was, last Feb. It was great. Good sized rooms and great buffet restaurant - this was the first time we had been half board and we enjoyed it. It's close to shops, beach and the bus stop for the Siam Park water park which is absolutely brilliant.

rainbowmagic1974 Tue 19-Feb-13 07:05:40

I saw Hotel Isabel and it looked good for the kids. Did you go self catering? That's the only board basis I can find. Wondered if I was missing something!!!

pinktoothbrush Tue 19-Feb-13 05:12:18

Stayed at Hotel Isabel in Costa Adege recently and would recommend it. Good Luck in your search.

rainbowmagic1974 Sun 17-Feb-13 18:47:32

We are looking to go to Tenerife next feb ( starting to think ahead!) we are planning on booking flights separately as we can go with Iberia much cheaper in half term week than a uk operator.
My question is... Can anyone recommend a nice hotel / apartment that you've stayed in? The children will be 10, 8 and 4 next year. I've had a look around and seem to unrealistically like all the really expensive ones ... Sigh! Any thoughts gratefully received.

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