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can anyone help me find a holoday cheap S pos for 2 adults and DLC 17 10 and 3 . 'Ust be v near lovely beach !

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fakeblondie Sat 16-Feb-13 08:57:49

My DH has a flight phobia and so we haven't been abroad or over 10 years and all of a sudden I'm determined to book somewhere but obv not too long on a plane.
My eldest dd is 20 and might come but def dd 17 ds 10 and dd 3 .
I was shocked how prices have gone up and in travel agents couldn't find anything under 3500.
I really can't afford that.
Would I be better off booking flights and then accom ?
Was thinking maybe southern France but don want to get to somewhere which like a warm Cornwall as someone described it as that on here and I've had enough of Cornwall !
Is there a cheaper way of holidaying for larger families these days ?
It's a minefield I've got bogged down ?
Any ideas welcome ?

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