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Would DisneyLand Paris be a wasted trip with a 3yo?

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Bluemonkeyspots Tue 12-Feb-13 18:56:42

Actually it could have been the Santa fe

Bluemonkeyspots Tue 12-Feb-13 18:55:57

I agree that all ages get something out of it, we have done Disney a few times (paris& Orlando) when the dc were anything between 8 months and 10 years and all have had a great time. Paris is far better for little ones in my opinion though.

We stayed at the wild west Disney hotel which I can't remember the name off just now but it was fantastic. Basic rooms but it was only a short stroll along the river bank to get into Disney village. We booked all our meals out at the main reception where there were also meet and greets during the day and the best thing was the huge buffet breakfast. We were told before we went that everyone took lunch from the buffet and made up rolls etc but i thought we would never have the brass neck to do it and would get into trouble if we were caught but right enough everyone in the place was doing it and the staff were fine with it.

PestoFrostissimos Tue 12-Feb-13 15:33:53

We went to Disneyland Paris when the dds were 3years and 20 months old respectively. They did enjoy it at the time, but neither of them can remember it now sad

LaFlotte Tue 12-Feb-13 15:24:54

Glad to help!! The pink hotel is amazing although we only afforded it because it was my 30th birthday and parents gave me something towards the cost which was v kind. I am sure all the Disney hotels are fab so you will have an amazing time whichever one you pick!! Have fun!!!

ShhBoom Tue 12-Feb-13 14:02:37

Thanks everyone, that's just what i wanted to hear! I'll definitely take him this year then, i'm excited now! grin

I really want to stay in the Pink one LaFlotte, but we'll have to see if my budget will allow it!

Heavywheezing Tue 12-Feb-13 10:37:43

We came back yesterday!
I have two boys 4 and 20 months. The four year old loved it. The fireworks in the night were wonderful and he talks a lot about it when he sees the castle.

20 month calls mickey, pickey. But I think all ages get something out of it and we'll try to go again next year.
We stayed in the Santa Fe, which is perfect for two little boys.

But go when it's warm though,it was freezing.

mrsshackleton Tue 12-Feb-13 10:29:34

If you can go again when older then why not? If it was a once in a lifetime thing then wait until ds is about 9, so he could do everything. Enjoy

LaFlotte Tue 12-Feb-13 10:17:51

I don't think it would be a wasted trip at all!

We took DD to Disney in Orlando when she was 3. We wouldn't have chosen to but we had a wedding to go to out there and it seemed silly to be so close and not go. She LOVED it and it was not a wasted trip at all.

We then took her to DisneyLand Paris when she was 4 (in March when she had turned 4 in the December) and it was again, brilliant. So much to do, shows to watch, rides, parades etc. Of course if you go now you can go outwith the school holidays too which is a big bonus.

If you can, stay as close as possible to the parks so that you can dip in and out without it being a drama getting back and forth. At DisneyLand Paris, we stayed at the main Disney hotel, the big pink one, right at the entrance to the park and it was amazing. Characters were around the hotel a lot of the time which saved waiting for photos with them in the park. The food was great, one of the restaurants was buffet style will a super choice and perhaps for with little ones. I think most of the Disney hotels are close to the parks or at least have really good transport.

Have a fun trip!!

ShhBoom Tue 12-Feb-13 09:24:42

I'm thinking of taking my DS to Disneyland, and would love to do it this year, but I don't know i it'll be worth waiting til next year when he's just turned 4?

He LOVES Mickey Mouse & Disney stuff atm and we went to Center parcs before Christmas last year & he's still talking about it non stop!

I hopefully will be able to take him again in a few years when he's older, so this might not be our only trip there. Shall i go for it this year?!

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