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Holiday to suit a ten year old as well as a baby?

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Terrywoganstrousers Sat 02-Feb-13 11:49:05

We want to go away in the summer holidays but not sure where best to go? Didn't go abroad with DD1 (10 in March)until she was 4 so never travelled abroad with a baby, and DD2 will be around seven or eight months old when we go. We have previously (with DD1) been on all inclusive holidays, self catering apartments and also done ad hoc travelling around places like Morocco staying in small riads- we like the travelling type holidays but I think that those days may be at an end for a while. DD1's favourite type of holiday has always been the all inclusive resorts, which unfortunately is our least favoured, especially as DP and I are both coeliacs so eating is sometimes problematic.

I think we would like to go somewhere with a kids club or at least activities for DD1, but it also needs to be somewhere fairly baby friendly, not too 'Brits abroad'.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

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