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Puy du Fou Park - Hotels Nearby?

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OllieinOrange Fri 25-Jan-13 13:06:31

Thanks for the responses - really helpful. Will have a look at options this evening - will get DH to take a look at the French website cos he is fluent in French and I'm not smile.

Showed DSs aged 5 and 7 the videos on the Puy du Fou website - they literally sat there open mouthed. They will love it.

MaKettle Thu 24-Jan-13 21:05:26

Our kids loved the Puy du Fou, but we thought the food on site was dire and expensive (so might actually be an advantage to be off site).

IDontDoIroning Thu 24-Jan-13 20:57:39

We camp in a nearby site but I don't know if they do mobile homes. Otherwise suggest you look in les herbiers or les espesses for a small hotel.
Really if you are going to spend all day there you only want somewhere to sleep and i would suggest you stay as close to the park as you can to cut down on the travel.
We stayed in cholet a few years ago but would suggest you look closer especially if you are planning on going to the sciniescene (sp) show as it ends quite late and you don't want such a long drive.

We've just booked to go its our third time and our ds just love it.

peppersquint Thu 24-Jan-13 20:46:42

Hi there - the Puy du Fou is great - you will really enjoy it. If you want hotels look in Les Epesses or Les Herbiers. Alternatively if you are wanting to do a few days there is a campsite within three miles but also gites that you can book by the evening or over a weekend. This would cut costs and depending on when you want to go maybe available. If your French is okay - look on the site leboncoin which lists holiday accommodation or alternatively look on the tourist information site for Les Epesses (they will have a list of accommodation) similarly the tourist info office in Les Herbiers. If you do go to Les Herbiers it has a great indoor/outdoor pool complex if you want to do something different. Hope this helps. PM me if you want any more information or help.

GinandJag Wed 23-Jan-13 21:34:56

We stayed at a Campanile in the closest big town, Cholet.

The area is very rural - there is not a lot around.

OllieinOrange Wed 23-Jan-13 17:53:31

We are aiming to visit the Puy du Fou Park for a couple of days at the end of our holiday to France in August. We went to book the on-site hotel last night only to find its fully booked on the dates we wished to go......

Has anyone stayed in a hotel close to Puy du Fou which they would recommend?
We have 2 DSs so would be looking for a family room.

Thanks for any help.

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