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Weather in the Vendee in August

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Anjelika Thu 17-Jan-13 13:59:06

Thanks Peppersquint. I will bookmark this thread to refer back to nearer the time.

peppersquint Wed 16-Jan-13 20:22:55

Anjelika - no problem - think you will have an absolutely lovely holiday. There really is do much to do in this part of France - sea, sun, countryside, lakes, museums, zoos ... you will have a great time. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the weather (but don't think I'll need to). Keep us posted and if you need any help just ask.

Anjelika Wed 16-Jan-13 14:08:55

Thanks for all the tips and for looking at the Canvas offerings too. Unfortunately before I read Peppersquint's last post I went ahead and booked le Clarys plage as I think the kids' pool looks good for us with two 3 year olds. We will definitely drive south though and go and look at some of the other places you suggest.

dreamingofsun Wed 16-Jan-13 12:01:50

definately go to puy de fou. my family moaned about going, but it turned out to be the highlight of the holiday

peppersquint Wed 16-Jan-13 10:53:03

Anjelika - just looked at the Canvas site - I would aim for Village le Littoral near Sables or l'Oceano d'Or near Jard. That way you are within an easy drive of seaside resorts - Sables is great with a sandy and safe beach and lots of shops, a marina, restaurants, hidden walks and is the start and finish of the Vendee Globe yacht race. There is also a zoo, museums and other activities.
Jard is nearby as well and is a nice little resort which is not too busy and has great cycle routes and restaurants. You would also be a short drive from Tranche sur Mer for an alternative beach and activities and also could drive to La Rochelle for a lovely day out. If you want something a bit different but also within a days drive from the ports you could go slightly further south and do the Ile de Re. We stay at Interlude when we want a short break as it is only a short drive from us. Interlude is right on the beach and is a great base for exploring the island. If you come further south in teh Vendee (ie: at Sables or Jard) there are lots of day trips inland which should keep you occupied. Don't miss the Puy de Fou and also a visit to the bocage area (Mervent/Vouvant) area would be a nice day out - there are forests, swimming lakes, pretty villages and a zoo at Mervent and a old fashioned park (Parc de Pierre Brun) in Mervent. Hope this helps.

frenchfancy Wed 16-Jan-13 07:09:04

peppersquint is right about the weather. We live there too, we eat most of our meals outside in August - but in the shade as it is too hot at midday to eat in the sun.

Canvas seem to have a site at Jard sur Mer which is a nice place (don't know the site though)

dreamingofsun Tue 15-Jan-13 21:24:01

la garangeoire is great site and canvas have good pitches on it. thomson had the other best ones. in fact canvas rep and our pitch were one of best we'd had in 10+ years of this type of hol. try not to travel down on a sat as traffic was bad

Anjelika Tue 15-Jan-13 20:42:22

Thanks Peppersquint and dreamingofsun. I feel a bit more reassured as we just don't want to have to do an overnight stop en route and figure we can get to the Vendee in 1 (albeit very long!) day. We're hopefully going with Canvas and all their sites look to be in the North I'm afraid. We will be doing lots of day trips though I imagine so any tips on where to go would be most welcome!

peppersquint Tue 15-Jan-13 17:42:38

Hi there - just responding to your query about the Vendee. We live there (south Vendee) and in August the weather is "usually" very hot with little chance of rain. However, last year it was a bit overcast and that had an affect on the sea/river temperatures. Nine times out of ten I would say that the weather is pushing the 30s at this time of year (august) and it's usually a "no quilt" and just a sheet at bedtime. Based on the weather we are having at the moment - very mild winter so far - it is likely to be a hot summer (old French farmers near us who are rarely wrong when predicting these things!) Hope this helps. can't promise you it will be roasting - but will be surprised if it's not. If it helps September is usually warmer than August - so bookings toward end of the month may be an idea. We've been here for nine years - had about two "poor summers" in that time - last year and about four years ago - aside from that it's usually great. Other poster was right about north Vendee is pretty flat and dull - come down south and there is more to see and do, the scenery is nicer and lots of activities on offer. PM me if you want any more information. Kind regards

dreamingofsun Tue 15-Jan-13 15:49:41

if you google you will get average weather stats. we went about 4 years ago and it was nice during the day and cold at night/during the evening (jeans and fleece). Colleague went in 2011 and it rained most of the time and was cold - but i think that was unusual. north vendee was a bit bland.

Anjelika Tue 15-Jan-13 14:05:03


Planning to do a fortnight in a mobile home with DS aged 6 and DTs aged 3 this August. Like the idea of the Vendee - driveable in a day, lots to see - but worried about the weather. Don't want to spend an arm and a leg and end up with 2 weeks of cold and rain. The odd duff day doesn't worry me but is it possible that the weather in August could be pretty poor for a whole fortnight there? Not sure if we should suffer a much longer journey south just to ensure better weather.

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