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Windsurfing in Europe in August

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OneHandFlapping Mon 14-Jan-13 18:27:27

Wildwind have given up offering windsurfing, but as it happens, I have just booked with Club Vass! It was also about £500 pp cheaper than Neilsons.

Not keen on the idea of Dahab, because everyone seems to get sick there, and not only am I an emetophobe, but I have a medical condition that makes vomiting illnesses potentially dangerous.

I did look at some of the more independent places, especially in the Canaries, but we really like the kit/training/hotel packages, where you can get daily instruction, and choose what kit you want each day (or hour) and nowhere seemed to clearly offer that.

ANyway, done now.

Thanks for replying

specialsubject Mon 14-Jan-13 17:14:27

Neilson aren't the only ones in Vassiliki - have you tried Club Vass/Wildwind? It is also still possible to go to Dahab with independent travel/accommodation/kit IF that isn't too windy for you.

OneHandFlapping Sat 12-Jan-13 13:06:17

Can anyone recommend any windsurfing holidays for August for 5 intermediates?

Neilsons two top windsurfing resorts are fully booked for August.

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