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Toddler-friendly holiday in Europe without car?

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JacqueslePeacock Thu 10-Jan-13 18:56:31

Does anyone have any suggestions for somewhere we could go at Easter time with an 18mo? We don't drive so hiring a car isn't an option. All the great toddler-friendy places look to be in the middle of nowhere, so getting there would be really hard for us.

sleepyhead Wed 16-Jan-13 19:46:29

Barcelona would be great with a toddler I think. From Parc Guell (sp?) to Barcelonetta there's loads to do.

Train links to other places along the coast etc are also really good.

narmada Wed 16-Jan-13 22:41:43

Yes, you can hire bike trailers and/ or bike seats. That's what we did with our two children. Hmmm, is there enough to do there for a week/ ten days? Well, that is a good question - definitely in summer there would be plenty to do but I am wondering what you would actually do there in bad weather now I come to think of it. The towns are all very attractive with good shopping, and there are lots and lots of cycle routes to do. Beach walks, cycle rides, really nice food..... ooh, I think I could entertain myself, on reflection!

Trips to la rochelle are very doable - there is a fabulous aquarium and the town centre is worth a good look around.

City break sounds like a good plan. Stockholm would be good - you could do trips out to the archipelago on ferries; there are several nice attractions for families e.g. amusement parks and museums. Copenhagen likewise, with the fabulous Tivoli gardens and Lusiania Art museum - and all doable by public transport.

narmada Wed 16-Jan-13 22:43:54

It may not be your bag at all, but you could consider skiing at Easter. YOur LO would probably enjoy sledging, snow, etc. Lots of packages available with childcare if you need it and easily doable by train. Not a cheap hol though.

JacqueslePeacock Thu 17-Jan-13 11:50:32

Wow - so many good ideas here! Thank you everyone. I am storing up future holiday plans as well now, as there are so many places I would like to visit. If only we had more time/money.....

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