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Majorca Protur SAfari

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goodtoesnaughtytoes Sun 06-Jan-13 15:19:56

Hi, we stayed next door but the Thomson kids club is at the Safari so we spent a few days at the pool there. It's a massive hotel and the grounds are really big. When we were there I said "It would drive me mad if we stayed here, having to wait 10 mins every time to use the lift". (Pushchair). For me personally its too big but it's attractive and there's lots going on. I would stay next door in the smaller Protur hotel for less money and still be able to use doll the facilities.

Astr0naut Tue 01-Jan-13 16:08:18

Any good? We went in June, but stayed in the Coma GRan. GReat, for two tiny children (7 months and 2), but not so sure it'll be quite as good in August. REviews have said the pool is too small, and sunbeds were an issue even in June. Personally, I'd like to stay on the beach, but if the toddler can't get over his irrational fear of the sea; it's sunbed city for us.

So, the Protur Safari.

Pros appear to be a big pool and lots of room.

Cons appear to be mainly centred around food. As vegetarians who like good food, should we avoid?


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