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Anyone done a self-catering appt near Paris and Eurodisney?

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ChristmasEvie Mon 31-Dec-12 00:38:17

We want to stay in a self-catering appt somewhere with easy access to both Disney and Paris by train next July. Plan is to do a few days in the park and also do paris and see the sights etc.We wont have a car though so will need to get around easily by train.Anyone done this?

stringbean Mon 31-Dec-12 14:21:39

Depending on the number of people you want in the apartment, you could look at this. It's at Val d'Europe, the huge shopping/hotel complex next to Disneyland Paris. There's an RER stop a short walk away, so getting to Paris should be straightforward; the park itself is one stop on the RER, or there's probably a shuttle bus. I haven't stayed here, but always thought it would be worth a look.

ChristmasEvie Mon 31-Dec-12 18:26:13

Thanks stringbean i will look at that. Very helpful.

Ingles2 Tue 01-Jan-13 10:34:49

Yep, but it was a caravan park and not an appt if that's any good?
I don't know how difficult it would be without a car, but there is a bus to the mainline station that goes into paris or to disney
here you go

DoubleMum Sun 06-Jan-13 17:03:11

I've stayed at the Adagio a couple of times. They are perfectly OK, fairly modern, have cooking facilities and fridge (although cooking implements etc are limited). We had a car but there is a train station at Val d'Europe as mentioned. If you look at a map of Val d'Europe the Adagio apartments are on the side with all the restaurants which are just a couple of minutes walk away. I imagine it's only 10-15 minutes walk to the station which I think is one stop away from Disneyland.

DoubleMum Sun 06-Jan-13 17:03:44

Alternatively the Adagio run a shuttle bus to Disneyland pretty regularly.

DoubleMum Sun 06-Jan-13 17:05:38

(Wish you could edit posts here!)
The restaurants at Val d'Europe are quite a lot cheaper than the ones in Disney Village, and there's a large supermarket in the shopping centre.

ChristmasEvie Mon 07-Jan-13 01:05:27

Thanks DoubleMum that is beyond helpful as I have been looking at Adagio and been seriously considering it-liking the pool and proximity to everything also.We would be doing it without a car and it looks exactly like what we are

DoubleMum Mon 07-Jan-13 07:30:39

Glad to help. Wish we were going back to Disneyland!

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