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Finding the perfect holiday in Europe

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borednotboring Sat 29-Dec-12 21:56:26

I'm trying to find a holiday, for me, DH and DD who will be 4. There seem to be so many constraints, just wondering if anyone has any ideas

- will be going May or June (last time we can go outside school holidays)
- ideally would like to drive there, but not essential
- reasonable chance of sunshine, but not too hot
- normally would think France, but most campsites etc don't seem to allow men to wear swimming shorts, but there is no way DH will wear tight trunks
- would prefer to self cater
- would prefer somewhere sociable for DD, so thinking campsite, villa with shared pools etc
- pools to be heated or otherwise warm enough to swim in
- budget not too much of an issue, not the Ritz, but anything reasonable
- would like a mix of sitting by pool, for a day or so, and doing things like day trips seeing cities/ cultural things, not local tourist traps etc
- if it is hot, to have Air con or other cooling

I had been looking at Centre Parcs or Eurocamp in Holland, but not sure which are good. Also thinking Eurocamp Northern Italy, but not sure if we would would be ok without air con


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