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The best Family holiday you have been on & where you stayed?

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MorningCoffee Sat 29-Dec-12 13:07:42

Looking for our summer 2013 holiday, What is the best Family friendly holiday you have been on & the nicest hotel/apartment you have stayed in?

KateMush Sun 06-Jan-13 19:41:01

Could you please pm the details to me too Petite?


Runoutofideas Sun 06-Jan-13 19:41:32

Baan Malisa Krabi Thailand - Fabulous villa, lovely people, beautiful beaches, brillant and amazingly cheap food, longtail boat trips to islands, elephant trekking - We have ben 3 times!

KateMush Sun 06-Jan-13 19:41:48

Taffeta, where did you stay on Ile D'Oleron?

MaureenShit Sun 06-Jan-13 19:42:11

We liked mousses back in the day.

Bullets Sun 06-Jan-13 19:42:20

Watching with interest! We tried Butlins Minehead as a last minute deal last autumn and will never go back - I need a proper holiday this year and Villa Pia is looking a strong contender!!!

PetiteRaleuse Sun 06-Jan-13 19:46:55

Found the chalet details :

And the horse riding place is

Dinky have pm'd you

coorong Sun 06-Jan-13 19:48:35

Best holiday so far is camping in France at small campsites (fewer than 100 places). We use the uk campsite website as a guide. We haul tents, bikes, etc across the channel for 3 weeks in summer and stay 10 days at each site with reprieves at luxury hotels between campsites and at the end. Last year we were the only Brits at one site and the girls (5&7) loved it. I used to hate the idea of busy campsites (being used to the outback), but its very sociable and people respect your space (sort of knock on the tent door). This will be our third year camping and we've booked Auvergne and Dordogne.

CarriedAwayAnnie Sun 06-Jan-13 19:54:12

I really like the look of Villa Pia but I can't work out the prices!

It would just be me and 2dc (both under 6).

k75 Sun 06-Jan-13 19:56:41

Also marking my place. Great thread.

We alsomdid villa pia twice, super with tiny ones. Good gite experience last sr. Due to family wedding, looks like its west coast US for us.

bealos Sun 06-Jan-13 19:57:02

Camping at Burnbake Campsite in Dorset. Kids are wild and free, playing the woods. Nearby are National Trust sandy beaches, Corfe Castle and Durdle Door.

rosy71 Sun 06-Jan-13 19:57:47

Eurocamp in France. We find it great for the boys.

The chalets in French Jura and the riding holidays sound great - I'd love to do something like that.

DoubleMum Sun 06-Jan-13 20:02:21

CarriedawayAnnie you need car hire as well as flights for Villa Pia, it's expensive but soooo worth it. The food is fantastic.

weegiemum Sun 06-Jan-13 20:07:52

We have regular family holidays in the Outer Hebrides (as we used to live there, have a house we rent out there, and we always have a tremendous time whatever the weather). Beaches clean and outstanding, great fresh local food, good activities for children, especially active ones.

But our best ever family holiday was 3 weeks in the Dominican Republic 2 years ago. We avoided all-inclusive, rented an apartment in a small complex with a pool, shopped locally, ate out plenty in cheap, quiet restaurants, dc learned to surf and snorkel, dc and I had Spanish lessons, dh and I learned to scuba. It was expensive but we loved every minute of it and I'd happily recommend he surf school, diving school, Spanish school and apartments to anyone. It was in Sosua and Cabarete, near Puerto Plata.

For us it was great as it was active, lots to do, and good because we met locals, weren't just stuck in a resort. It was a treat for dh and I for our 40th Birthdays instead of presents and parties. We'd love to do it again sometime!

MrsHBaby3 Sun 06-Jan-13 20:10:28

Theres lots of all inclusive hols to Tunisia, but Ive heard mixed reviews, any thoughts?

Taffeta Sun 06-Jan-13 20:10:40

Kate , we stayed in a cottage through holiday lettings. Let me see if I can find it....

CarriedAwayAnnie Sun 06-Jan-13 20:14:22

What time of year did you go doublemum? How much do you think it cost in all?

Taffeta Sun 06-Jan-13 20:15:04

found it!

Taffeta Sun 06-Jan-13 20:16:20

Argh wrong link!!!


KateMush Sun 06-Jan-13 20:19:47

Thanks Taffeta thanks

DizzyHoneyBee Sun 06-Jan-13 20:21:33

we're contemplating a greek island, preferably all inclusive for a family holiday with a teen and pre-teen who love swimming and history/ancient Greek stuff.

Marking my place in case anything is suggested.
great idea for a thread OP, thanks.

racingheart Sun 06-Jan-13 20:22:46

Chateau des Ormes in Normandy/Brittany borders. Fantastic place for junior age/ young teens. So much to do: zip wires and high ropes, great horseriding school, pedalos, two huge swimming pools, tree houses and little hobbit huts on floating rafts on the lake, archery, climbing wall, kids clubs, crazy golf. Brilliant trad restaurant down the road, great local market (and toy shop) Near to Mont St Michel and St Malo so good touristy stuff too.
We had such a good time the DC just want to go back there again.

Taffeta Sun 06-Jan-13 20:23:52

It was really lovely, the pics don't do it justice. Best thing was the cycling, you could cycle from accommodation via forests to beach, all flat, cycle paths everywhere v safe. Beaches gorgeous, restaurants fab, supermarket close by. Really enjoyed it. DC were 7 and 5 when we went.

DoubleMum Sun 06-Jan-13 20:25:02

CarriedawayAnnie I think we went once in May and once in June. I don't really remember how much it cost but it was a lot - maybe £3.5 K. Mind you each time we were the only family who stayed for 2 weeks. We flew to Pisa and there are a few car hire desks at the airport (make sure you book car seats if you have little ones).

Dancergirl Sun 06-Jan-13 20:26:19

doublemum we've been to Villa Pia! Isn't it brilliant? So, so relaxing. I have fond memories of dd3 playing in the courtyard area in just a nappy! smile

When were you there? We went in Aug 2008.

MaureenShit Sun 06-Jan-13 20:30:12

Is villa Pia all just bloody babies?

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