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Azores anyone?

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80sMum Wed 19-Dec-12 01:07:43

Has anyone been to the Azores? Any tips on best time of year to go, which island to choose etc?

harbingerofdoom Fri 28-Dec-12 20:21:50

I went about six years ago and we all (DH,DDX2 were 13/14) absolutely loved it.
We stayed on the main island Sao Miguel in the capital Ponta Delgarda. We went in May as the summer heat would have been too hot for us.
Went whale watching in an inflatable BIB, great fun, brilliant day. Don't do if you've got a bad back.
Also, hired a taxi for a day to take us to Furnas and all the other sights (mostly crater lakes).
Plenty of churches to look at.
Heavenly for walkers and photographers.

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