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Can anyone tell me about Croatia

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Fluffy1234 Thu 03-Jan-13 09:52:31

2 years ago my family flew in to Dubrovnik and then took a ferry to the absolutely beautiful island of Kolocep. No cars are allowed on the island and there is just one hotel and three restaurants. We did a day trip to Dubrovnik and visited other islands all by ferry. We also canoed right around the island which was pretty cool.
Croatia is so beAutiful. The flights are amazing, just before you land look out of the window and you can see literally hundreds of islands.

MummyAnnabella Wed 02-Jan-13 22:26:00

We flew into Dubrovnik then drive to split for few days before going on to hvar. Was pre kids though! Is doable though if you don't mind packing and unpacking.
Another idea to look at is few days in Dubrovnik then a week in Montenegro which is only short drive away and is amazing.

Myneaux Wed 19-Dec-12 12:58:47

thank you...will have a think about that.

Could be feasible as I think you can get to Split and Dubrovnik from Leeds Bradford...and maybe add the book to my christmas list ;-)

Lizzywishes Wed 19-Dec-12 10:04:45

Could you fly into Split and out of Dubrovnik? We had a fab week on Hvar - stayed in a little cottage by the sea booked through Croatian Affair. Then took the car ferry from Hvar to Dubrovnik, so avoiding a long drive and dropped it off at the car rental place by the Old Town as didn't need it for the second week. We then had a lovely week in Dubrovnik - lots to do there - boat trips out to various islands, quite a good beach by the town. It was one of our favourite holidays. We ended up taking a taxi back to Split airport, which wasn't ad expensive as you might think. I'd recommend reading Frommer's 'Croatia with your Family' for ideas.

Myneaux Wed 19-Dec-12 08:52:08

Thank you Bunbaker will check it it easy to get to from Dubrovnik?

I think the thing I am struggling with is that a lot of the islands I fancy (Hvar etc) seem to be closer to Split and Im not sure if it is a good idea to attempt a long car journey and then boat ride with a very restless 4 year old in tow. I suppose we could fly to Split instead but I really wanted to do Dubrovnik !

Not that bothered about sandy beaches either ....DS loved the Dordogne last year and spent hours paddling in the river and throwing pebbles so dont think he would miss sand.

Bunbaker Tue 18-Dec-12 16:19:33

Croatia is beautiful. We stayed in Baska Voda on the Makarska riviera three years ago and absolutely loved it. We stayed here and was impressed with the high standard of accommodation. A word of warning, however, the swimming pool isn't suitable for a non swimmer.

The resort itself was not too lively, but had enough people there to generate the right kind of ambience. The aparthotel was at one end of the resort so it was nice and quiet.

The beaches are pebbly and the water is crystal clear. If you want sand the island of Brac has a large sandy beach.

We had such a fabulous holiday there I would go there again.

Myneaux Tue 18-Dec-12 14:08:43

Am thinking of Croatia for our last holiday before DS goes to school in Sept.

Ideally I would like to travel in June....spend a few days in Dubrovnik in a hotel and then move onto somewhere else (maybe 2 other places) for a week. This is the bit I am struggling with. (but not being choosy at all wink. We would like to be self catering but not stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

Last year we stayed on a medium sized campsite in the Dordogne in a mobile home and this was ideal.....the onsite cafe, swimming pool and playground were amazing and its was close to lots of sights and if we find something like that it would be fantastic. I know there are big holiday parks in Croatia but I dont really fancy this as we dont need the kids clubs yet and would prefer something quieter)

Ideally lots of lovely countryside, culture and history....maybe with a bit of nice coast too.

If you can help me tick all those boxes i will be one happy lady !

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