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Is Egypt just too dodgy right now?

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shrimponastick Mon 12-Nov-12 14:22:20

I wouldn't.


iseenodust Mon 12-Nov-12 14:18:18

Wouldn't go just now and have been to Egypt before.

marriednotdead Thu 08-Nov-12 21:52:51

Dsis is going to Sharm next week. She has also been many times. She intends to stay in resort as advised on the FO website but reckons there's terrorists everywhere in the world and won't be frightened into staying away.

mrsshackleton Thu 08-Nov-12 21:40:11

Have been to Egypt, all over, loads of times - 6 or 6, with and without kids. It's my favourite winter sun place. I was planning a week in Sharm just before Xmas but am slightly worried about the political situation. Would a resort hotel (we wouldn't leave) would be OK?

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