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Alpine summer holidays- your experience

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goingtobefree Sat 03-Nov-12 19:59:23

Thinking of going to alps in summer.
12 year and a 5 year old, needs to have some activities as the eldest will enjoy it.
Thinking of Espirit summer adventures, anyone been recently?
Tripadvisor reviews are mostly for skiing holidays.
We have never driven in Europe so needs easy assecibility to train station or an airport.

LIZS Tue 06-Nov-12 08:18:01

You can also find rentals through the tourist office. They can match your requirements up and ask owners of suitable accommodation to get in touch or have listings on their website. Just be aware that European school holidays often finish around mid August so locally run activity programmes may scale down after that. Alternatively Kinderhotels or are worth consideration as they often organise activities in-house (great if weather is dodgy) and have family friendly options like early evening meals for kids.

goingtobefree Tue 06-Nov-12 10:18:44

So many choices.. It is very very difficult to decide...
I fell asleep looking at the various possible locations in Alps in google maps yesterday.
DH says he does not mind driving, but I am bit nervous about it.
LIZS Does kinderhotel cater for 12 year old's otherwise they do look reasonable.
Thee is also a direct flight to Grenoble from a local airport for a fly drive options.
We have done self catering in UK, how do you take everything you need in flight?
or do you just go there and shop?

Ponders Tue 06-Nov-12 10:58:55

make sure you get one that provides all your bed linen & towels - you don't want to be taking those in your luggage!

otherwise yes, you shop for food etc when you get there - most s/c places we've used tend to have things like washing-up liquid, salt & pepper etc in the cupboards from previous visitors & if your flight lands at an awkward time you can ask the owner/agent to get a few basics in for you

I think Grenoble is a smaller airport than Geneva so will have fewer car hire places - & possibly limited hours - so you need to get a car booked early on. prices are generally better that way anyway

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