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Iceland and Sweden

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sliceofcakenowplease Sat 03-Nov-12 14:26:56

Long story short, we're moving abroad due to work, not sure exactly where, either in Iceland (Reyjavik), Sweden (Stockholm) or Canada (Ottawa or Gatineau). We want to have a holiday in each, if we can afford it of course, so we can have some fun in each place and make the move seem better for the DCs.

So, is it possible to go to Stockholm, from Stansted, and just spend time their, go to the museums there and have fun in the snow in winter, and from their spend time in a nearby self-catered cottage. We spend a week there in total- three days in Stockholm, four days in the cottage, and fly out to Reyjavik for another week. What are the rough costs/is it better to go to each individually (so one in the Easter break, one at Christmas) or go to Iceland first etc;

And what can we do in each places? We've got a pretty good idea for Stockholm and the cottage, but are wondering about Reyjavik. Is it a better idea to book a package holiday to one, and from there fly to the other? What winter activities will be fun for two 12yr olds in each?

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