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Recommendations for either the Algarve or Majorca

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DottyandSpottyWot Sun 21-Oct-12 20:02:49

We are looking to take our first family holiday abroad in June next year. Flying from scotland, for about 10 days. Can't do menorca as they only have weekly flights from here. DD will be 4 and we would prefer self-catering apartments, non-highrise buildings and quite close to the beach/restaurants. Any suggestions?

dreamingofsun Mon 22-Oct-12 09:44:07

have a look on owners direct or holiday lettings. and i would get a couple of books on the countries from the library.

it may be different in june, but during school summer hols i found algarve to be much cheaper accommodation wise than majorca. the nice resorts in majorca were v expensive - porta pollensa always reviews well on here.

we went to cabanas which was nice. not much to do other than restaurants and the beach. if you want water parks and more organised things go to central/western algarve.

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