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Realistically how much spending money will we need for euro disney?

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ellliebelle Mon 15-Oct-12 19:28:31

we are going next thursday 3 nights 4 days myself dh and dd age 5 and dd age 3 we have also paid for the half board meal plan, i plan to take drinks and snacks in and make up rolls at breakfast so food wise we should be pretty much sorted.

I felt prepared with the amount of money i had saved to take but have now had an unexpected bill which has thrown a spanner in the works.

I really want to be able to enjoy ourselves without worrying about what we spend, and would like to be able to buy things like autograph books and stationary maybe a teddy/toy each for the dd's souvenir mugs and a christmas decoration etc

how much do you think is a realistic amount to be looking at taking

givemeaclue Fri 19-Oct-12 20:31:11

£50 per day

bizzieb33 Fri 19-Oct-12 20:33:27

Take princess dresses from home with you as they cost ££££ in disney, children get more attention from characters in them & it is great for piccys everywhere.

daisydoodoo Fri 19-Oct-12 20:36:20

As much as you can afford. Drinks are expensive inside so be prepared for £10 a time on soft drinks including water.

There are gift shops everywhere so be ready to be strong about not buying for the sake of it. Perhaps browsing with promise to go and get favourite thing on the last day.

givemeaclue Sat 20-Oct-12 13:45:18

Just take bottles of water in with you, fill up from tap. You don't need spend any money on drink -save it for cocktails!

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