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Venice with DCs and parents

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mollychock Mon 01-Oct-12 14:24:48

We're planning a trip to Venice next May half term with me, DH, two DCs (aged 5 and 8) and my parents, as a treat for their golden wedding anniversary and my Mum's 70th. I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for places to stay for 3 nights for all of us, preferably a hotel but B+B would also be OK. I was thinking maybe a double and a quad room. Most important is that the place is quiet as Dad is a very light sleeper (!), but we'd also like it to be close to the main sights as Mum has a bad hip. I haven't been to Venice for years and the places I stayed at before are totally unsuitable for slightly aged parents!

BobbiFleckman Mon 01-Oct-12 14:28:52

just recommended this on the NY thread, but has venice apartments too - residential area of Guidecca is quieter and a nice place to stay but there's not a lot of modern buildings with insulation and triple glazing etc in venice! Guidecca is just the other side of the canal, make sure you stay near a stop for the line 1 Vaporetto or alternatively a traghetto stop to get to the other side (how bad is yr mum's hip? will she be able to walk from dry land into moving gondola sized boat?)

iseenodust Mon 01-Oct-12 14:32:56

We stayed on Venice Lido (which is not Lido de Jesolo). It is very quiet & has the advantage of a small beach. It is a very small hop on the Vaporetto to the grand canal/ main sights. You can also choose to stay on/ get off at lots of different points so shortening your walks. We reckoned we saw a lot more than we would have done staying in the centre. You must book the secret tour of the Doges Palace for the kids - secret passages and spyholes (go into the ticket office the day before to book in person).

BobbiFleckman Mon 01-Oct-12 14:33:14

(except it's not the number 1 line - can't remember what it is) & i've muddled DOrsoduro with Guidecca which is a different island. Guidecca is the quiet resi area but Dorsoduro is the other side of the G Canal and the area between the Accademia bridge and the custom house is a really nice place to stay and that is a number 1 vap / traghetto ride from S.Marks. I've stayed at Hotel Messner near the Salute a couple of times, they've cleaned it up a lot since then, is in a great location and they do big family rooms.

mollychock Tue 02-Oct-12 11:12:22

Thanks for those recommendations. I'm now looking at the Dorsoduro area as it sounds exactly what we're looking for! And thanks iseenodust for the Doges Palace tour idea, I'll definitely arrange that for the kids!

sashh Wed 03-Oct-12 05:56:59

Are you sure mum would manage with all the bridges? I went to Verona for a few days and we had a day trip to venice and I struggled.

BTW day trip to Verona might be nice from Venice.

Rosa Wed 03-Oct-12 06:26:18

The giudecca an island but Dorsoduro not. Dorsuduro is an area of the main city and yes it is quieter. i would say look for accom near to a vaporetto stop for easy access to other parts of the city.
Cannaregio is another place to consider , have a look at Ca Dogaressa, Ca ai due Leoni they have quads. However it all depends on your price range. Tell your Dad that he will be awake at 7 daily due to the bells escaping them I am afraid. Check out venere,com by putting your dates in and budget and see what it comes up with.
Also consider the book venice for kids as it is great for kids of that age.
Come back if you need more help........I can give you more info if you want.

mollychock Thu 04-Oct-12 10:44:29

Thanks for your ideas and your concerns. Mum had a hip replacement last February but is doing OK and we are planning to take it slowly. Will try to minimise the steps but I think she is OK on the flat. I really want to let them see Venice as it's such a beautiful place. Like the look of Ca Dogaressa, thanks. smile

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