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Crete V Portugal

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carmen66 Mon 01-Oct-12 13:43:47

Hi, we were thinking about taking a half term break to Cyprus with our 6 year old but after looking at prices have decided it's too dear.. We are thinking about Crete or Portugal has anyone been in Oct? we want guranteed sun , near the beach & amenities preferbly all inclusive.. Has anyone got any ideas on the best parts of Crete or Portugal for families please?

RugBugs Mon 01-Oct-12 13:48:56

I've been to Portugal in the early part of October and it's generally been about 18-22 degrees but dry. I tend to rent an apartment/villa around Vilamoura though so can't advise on staying AI, I enjoy the local food too much!

diabolo Mon 01-Oct-12 17:49:26

I've been to Crete in October. I wouldn't recommend where we stayed, but we hired a car and did a lot of exploring. Weather was great.

This town / resort was stunning - scenic, mountains etc.

As was this tiny little place at the end of a gorge - stunning little bay, very upmarket :

castlesintheair Mon 01-Oct-12 18:01:30

Paleohora is open all year round in Crete unlike a lot of resorts that tend to "close" Sept/Oct. Great sandy beach and good for windsurfing. Harder to get to than northern resorts but well worth it. Hania will be busier in October (2nd city) and there are beaches nearby for daytrips. Rhodes has the most sunshine in Greece. Lindos is lovely.

SecretSquirrels Sun 07-Oct-12 16:27:22

Portugal can easily be wet and cold in October. Too risky for me.

Bunbaker Sun 07-Oct-12 16:30:27

One of my frinds goes to Portugal every October half term as she has family there. She says the weather is crap at that time of year.

Christmas78 Tue 09-Oct-12 10:39:13

Crete is amazing in October! Had my best ever holiday there then. Warm sea etc. Can recommend Frangokastello for the safest warm shallow beach swimming. Heraklion is lovely town and Plakias is fun.

WildThongyoumakemyringsting Tue 09-Oct-12 19:51:57

Last year we went to the Algarve and it was beautiful weather. Going again this year so fingers crossed.

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