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growingbytheday Thu 27-Sep-12 13:11:50

This is the first time I have started a thread, apologies in advance if it should be some where else but I booked a last minute holiday to Egypt four of us for two weeks. I followed through each step, checked the total then looked at their optional extras (transfers, parking, seats etc.) There was a side bit at the end saying if luggage was not included in the holiday then it would be added but there was no mention of this anywhere through the booking it just said final total and thanks after I booked it. Two days later (three days before we flew) Holiday Gems rang to say we had to pay another £60 each for our luggage, I queried this and pointed out I had gone through the extras and booked transfers but there was nothing to indicate luggage wasn't included. They then said I should have read para 14 of their T&Cs where it said luggage could be added by them after booking although I could cancel for a fee of £80 each. I am furious, I know I should have read all their T&Cs but they are seperate and I dont think I would have continued to 'para 14' to see if luggage was mentioned. I asked to speak to their manager who was very much inclined to the buyer beware point of view but I still think this is very underhanded; it wasn't particularly cheap (around £740 each) and I asked why if luggage wasnt included it wasnt listed as an optional extra like the transfers etc. He said it was perfectly clear in the T&Cs.
We paid up and went on the holiday and got back yesterday, I have emailed them to say how unhappy I am with this and will never use them again, but am I wrong in thinking luggage is a very obvious and necessary part of a two week holiday and it should be clear if you have to add it at the point of booking?

theoriginalandbestrookie Thu 27-Sep-12 22:02:25

Nothing like hidden extras to spoil that holiday feeling.

I had the same thoughts last year on discovering that our luxury holiday booked through Sovereign which entitled us to such unnecessary extras as airport lounge entrance and spa passes at the hotel ( which they forgot to give us) did not mean we would be sitting next to our 5 yr old son, for that we were obliged to pay an extra £60. Again no mention of it on the website - should apparently have been mentioned when we phoned up but they checked the call and it wasn't.

We didn't have to pay it in the end as I phoned up the airline and they said provided we got their early it would be ok, but I know how annoying it is to think you are paying a certain price and then find that actually it is more expensive.

Don't let it spoil your trip though !

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