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Marrakech recommendations please!

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Dotty342kids Wed 26-Sep-12 07:39:48

Hi, we've just booked a family holiday to Morocco for next summer half term. I'm hugely excited as have wanted to go for years but am aware of its reputation as rather chaotic and a little overwhelming!
Anyone got any tips on best things to do / places to go and how to cope best with it (our children will be 8 and 10)?
Also, anyone got any specific hotel recommendations - towards the luxury end of the budget as just doing two days independantly at the end of the trip.....
Thank you!

popflos Wed 26-Sep-12 15:04:10

head up in to the hills for 2 nights at kasbah tamadot, bransons place in the atlas, kids will love it, mind were 7 and 11 and it was great after a few too many days of the city. we also loved essouira which we did at the begining.

Dotty342kids Wed 26-Sep-12 16:13:40

ok, when I said "luxury" I didn't quite mean Richard Branson levels of luxury! Plus, they only take kids at certain times of year, not including when we're going so that's out anyway.
Thanks for the tip though!

FoxtrotFoxtrotSierra Wed 26-Sep-12 16:21:18

I wasn't that impressed by Kasbah Tamadot - it felt very luxury by numbers and I got sick of bloody rose petals by the time we left - they were on the tables, on the pillows, in the loo, by the pool, bloody everywhere!

Riad Farnatchi is where we stayed for our honeymoon. It's lovely, the staff are so accommodating and it's right behind the souks so very central. The staff were great for arranging day trips, booking restaurants, giving us breakfast at 3pm, supplying endless (eyewateringly strong) G&Ts. I thought it was wonderful!

Another riad, run by a lady I know who has exquisite taste is Dar Jaguar and if I went back I'd stay there. She often runs offers for multiple night stays/multiple room bookings and it just looks wonderful.

As for things to do - I could spend 2 days wandering in the souks buying spices, but that might be a bit much for younger children. A day there watching leather being worked, bartering for things etc might be great fun though. I really enjoyed the Jardins Majorelle (sp) which was owned by Yves St Laurent. Really pretty for a wander.

The Marrakech museum was rubbish though - pictures of artefacts rather than the items themselves. I'd skip it, but it did have some nice architecture and some of the friezes were pretty. It wasn't worth the money in my opinion.

If you can try to get to the main square in the evening - the spectacle is something to behold and the food from the stalls is really good! We ate well there for not much money a couple of times and didn't suffer in any way. Guide books telling you that you'll get food poisoning are something to ignore.

We didn't really do a lot else, but you can organise trips out of the city into the Atlas to see villages which might be of interest. Go in a 4x4 though as the roads are variable!

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