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Canary Islands in October - any recommendations please?

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ohforfoxsake Mon 17-Sep-12 07:43:49

I've spent the last two days searching t'internet for a holiday, and when I find one I like I go on Trip Advisor, read the reviews, and get put off and confused in equal measures.

So, as with all the big decisions I make, I am turning to the wise ones of Mumsnet! Anyone any suggestions as to where to go and stay? 6 of us, 2 adults, 4 children aged between 5 - 10, and I'm thinking all inclusive may be the way to go, or private villa with pool. Ideally a private villa in an all inclusive resort!

Surely it's not too much to ask? For £3.5/4k?

Thanks smile

ohforfoxsake Mon 17-Sep-12 09:49:35


ohforfoxsake Mon 17-Sep-12 11:25:41


TenerifeChildcare Mon 17-Sep-12 17:25:56

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Pontycarloandcasvegas Mon 17-Sep-12 18:32:26

Dos piedras villa through - beautiful 4 bed villa, had a wonderful new year there.

ohforfoxsake Mon 17-Sep-12 19:01:43

Thanks for your replies :-) we have booked a hotel in Lanzarote. I am a bit hmm Gone for all inclusive package deal, which we've never done before. But we're giving it a try..

TenerifeChildcare Mon 17-Sep-12 19:29:47

I am sure you will love it.
Have a great holiday smile

scootle Fri 28-Sep-12 10:32:49

tenerife pleeease recommend some good all-inc hotels for me if you are still around. Have had the same thoughts and experience as the OP, and I am desperate for some sun.

TenerifeChildcare Wed 03-Oct-12 22:34:37

Hi Scootle.
Im so sorry for my late reply.. i have only just logged on again.

Ok, well my persional favourite hotel on the island that is great for families is the iberostar anthelia.
It is in a great location and right on the beach.
The kids club is just amazing and they have a mini disco every evening followed by a fantastic show that is great for both children and adults.
The restaurants are good and if you get bored there are many more to try outside the complex on the sea front.

Some others to have a look at are.....

Bahia del duque hotel
Sheriton La Caleta
Roca Nivaria

If i can help you further, please dont hesitate to ask and sorry once again for the late reply.

a little tip when looking at hotels... if you see 2 for example and you can not decide between them, have a look on you tube as there are normally many videos that will show you around the hotels to get a better look.

Good luck.

rachelstephens Tue 16-Oct-12 22:51:42

hi there we are looking at a holiday in the canaries in end of october, early november for a week. preferably an all inclusive but my demand (i would rather go to center parcs in holland and learn to ski on their ski slope to be honest!!) is that it has to have a kids club or something like that for our kids who are 3 and 5. i can find places with kids clubs for 4 year olds but not the 3 year old. if anyone has any ideas or tips i would be really grateful. many thanks!

Swiddle Tue 30-Oct-12 12:35:03

You could do Princesa Yaiza in Lanzarote, their kids club is from aged 3, see this link

popflos Wed 31-Oct-12 11:44:24

yes ive heard loads of good things about the Yaiza, look at the Trunkifiles review .. i am going to the Embajador down the road, because i am leaving my kids at home!! (very excited face!)

rosieria11 Thu 01-Nov-12 19:42:43

I would also recommend Princesa Yaiza in lanzarote. Fabulous for a family - Kiko Suites all set up for families and hotel in good resort for shops and tapas

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