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Eurodisney spends

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regnamechange Sun 02-Sep-12 20:29:23

Hi all, we have had eurodisney booked for begining of October. We are staying in the Newport hotel on a half board basis. How I have kept this secret from the children for just under a year I don't know! I was lucky enough to Disney a few times as a child/teen so I know roughly what to expect.But I'm looking for tips on spending please. A very unexpected large car bill has eaten into our spends!!
I am already planning on filling up at brekkie and wrap some rolls etc for lunch and take some water in and fill up at the fountains.
I really would like to be able to get the children a couple of small treats ie mickey/Minnie ears, stationary and also two larger perhaps a cuddly toy and jumper or pjs. Has anyone been recently and able to tell me a rough guide on prices?
We have DD1 aged 6.5, DD2 aged 5 and DS aged 2.5 then myself and DH. Staying for 3 nights and 4 days, we are going in term time (couldn't afford out of term and it's our only holiday for the last year and a half so very excited!).
Any tips would be appreciated on top of the snacking/eating in ques to pass time, meet Minnie & Mickey by the MGM studios, buy water in a shop near the train station?

AbbyLou Mon 03-Sep-12 22:22:44

Re price of the break. I booked about 2 weeks ago to go In February half term - me, dh, ds (8) and dd (5). They had a really good deal on (4 nights for 2 I think( and we've paid about £800 for 4 nights/5days with a half board dining package and breakfast at Cafe Mickey one day. I was really chuffed with that price, especially in the school holidays. Ok we are saying in Santa Fe which I think will be extremely basic but I figure we'll all be so shattered all we'll do there is sleep anyway!

SystemofaDowny Mon 03-Sep-12 22:47:50

AbbyLou, I recently stayed at Sequoia Lodge and in my opinion the rooms were basically no different to those at Santa Fe. Only real difference is that they are located in separate blocks and not the main building (where the dining room/shops/reception is located) and that its a bit of a further walk from the parks.

sunnyday123 Tue 04-Sep-12 10:38:24

Disney is very expensive but you can reduce costs by taking own snacks and drinks - everyone does it. I would definitely take fancy dress as loads of kids walk round wearing them and they're over £50 in the park!

We bought them a soft disney toy for £18 each which were only £8 in disney store at home so try avoid toy shopping! Lunch can be made cheaper in the fast food places - we ordered say 2 pizzas and 2 chips to share as we found them too big for lunch time plus we often ate tea early at around 4.30pm so that we could get back out in time for a good space at the disney parade.

Wouldn't worry about hotel standard- we tended to get in the park about 8.30am (to take advantage of hotel only until 10am) and stayed til about 4, back for tea and then back out at 6pm til 11pm so hardly in room at all!

Not sure id bother getting the autographs unless there are small queues - my dds were very keen to get them but after 10 minutes got bored and preferred to go on the rides!

Do use the ticket reservation system for rides and plan your time well - for example some of the busier rides get massive queues later in the day- the nemo, mountain rides etc can queue for over an hour so aim to get there at 10am on at least one of the days to book your space as none of the rides are worth an hour queue! We did this on all the rides and never queued for more than 10 mins ever in July school hols! We just turned up at less popular rides and reserved spaces at busy ones.

regnamechange Tue 04-Sep-12 11:24:55

Thanks. We've Already booked so don't have to arrange any of the hotel.

The children tend to eat about 5 ish so that will tie in well with parades hopefully!

Calamansi Tue 04-Sep-12 11:36:28

If you want to meet the princesses you can get a fast pass to cut queue as you go in on the right hand side (think it is called the town hall). Also don't forget to see the dragon under the castle it's amazing and v lifelike. Have a great trip, such an amazing surprise for your lucky kids they will be blown away grin btw I'd pack cereal bars, crisps etc to really cut costs then your kids will have more to spend on a souvenir grin

regnamechange Tue 04-Sep-12 13:57:13

Thankyou calamansi. I'm soooo excited 33 days! Anyone would think I was the child!

gregssausageroll Wed 05-Sep-12 21:43:55

How are you going to tell the kids?

NoCarbsBeforeBarbs Wed 05-Sep-12 21:51:44

Op, yay first time ever. I know you ;-)

regnamechange Thu 06-Sep-12 07:00:55

Oh intrigued! smile

Thinking of telling them that we are staying in london for a mini holiday and then give DD1 a letter when on the train to London that she can read to Dd2 and DS

gregssausageroll Thu 06-Sep-12 08:33:35

You must records it. They will be so excited!

regnamechange Thu 06-Sep-12 08:38:55

Yes we will. I absolutely can't wait they go without so much so this will totally thrill them. 31 days gringrin

NoCarbsBeforeBarbs Thu 06-Sep-12 11:03:56

I will put my Disney countdown on fb today regnamechange and you will know who i am then ;-)

And Don't cheat as my mn history will out me straight away!

Love your idea of a letter! That is really wonderful. Mine know, my mouth is too big!

regnamechange Thu 06-Sep-12 12:06:40

I think I've Sussed it from the 'barbs' part!

NoCarbsBeforeBarbs Thu 06-Sep-12 16:15:21


Liz79 Sun 16-Sep-12 20:26:51

Hello, I am just planning our trip for may half term. We will have 5 yo dd & 3yo ds. We were wondering about taking the train from northern england, staying teh night in a premier inn type in london & then getting the disney eurostar there, and doing the same on the way home. Anyone done this? We haven't taken them on a long train joureny before, plus we would have a buggy and all the luggage etc. Will we manage? Would it be easier to take the car? How many nights is it best to stay? I was thinking 3 nights/4 days
ta x

SystemofaDowny Sun 16-Sep-12 20:45:09

I've driven down to Ashford and stayed in a Holiday Inn the night before getting the eurostar, if that's the kind of thing you meant. The place we stayed had a deal for £91 which included bed, breakfast, free parking for the week,taxi to the train station and then back again after we had been. I'm sure the london ones do the same sort of thing.

givemeaclue Sun 16-Sep-12 20:52:44

*Liz 79*we stayed premier inn in london the night before (had a day out in london as well) all great. presumably you won't need loads of luggage as you'll only be going a few nights?

givemeaclue Sun 16-Sep-12 20:53:51

NB you don't need to buy water - water in france is fine to drink! Just take a water bottle and fill it up at your hotel.

VikingVagine Sat 29-Sep-12 15:52:25

We've just booked tickets for the beginning of November. None of us have ever been so not sure what to expect. We're staying at the DC ranch, so won't be eating in the DL restaurants. It's costing us €480 for two nights/three days in the parks.

Does anyone know how safe the car park is? We can't check in until 15h so will want to leave our stuff in the car on the first day (not that there's going to be anything of any interest, but still, don't like leaving luggage in the car).

milkybarsrus Fri 12-Oct-12 20:49:07

I have been many times to dp and it can be reasonable if you take lots of snacks and drinks with you. I also have bought all mine disney t shirts and hoodies and pjs in the uk as they are a lot cheaper and they enjoy wearing the new disney clothes there. Most supermarkets have disney stuff which you can wrap and give as a gift at the end of each day. On the last day they get to choose a gift from one of the shops. If you go into a disney store here you will see the huge differance in price from euro to sterling! I did on one trip take disney outfits with us for them to wear and my daughter just bought a tiara in dp to wear with her princess dress. Have fun.

gregssausageroll Sat 13-Oct-12 08:25:40

So tops tips are

Eat in rainforest cafe
Buy clothing here and take with you
Back for early tea and out for night time parades
Stock up on drinks and snacks at train station before going into the parks

How busy to you reckon the parks will be during the week late November?

givemeaclue Sat 13-Oct-12 15:33:41

Don't really rate the rainforest cafe but kids will like the decor and theme

ellliebelle Mon 15-Oct-12 17:30:10

regnamechange just wondering if you have been to euro disney yet? and if so how much spend you realistically needed. we are going next thursday 3 nights 4 days myself dh and dd age 5 and dd age 3 we have also paid half board and i felt prepared with the amount of money i had saved to take but have now had an unexpected bill which has thrown a spanner in the works. really want to be able to enjoy ourselves without worrying about what we spend. like has been said i plan to take drinks and snacks in and make up rolls at breakfast our evening meal is sorted with half board vouchers but would like things like autograph books and stationary maybe a teddy/toy each for the dd's souvenier mugs and a christmas decoration etc

givemeaclue Mon 15-Oct-12 21:36:33

We Spent 300 for 3 nights, we were not half board though although paid for one meal in advance so not included in the 300. Autograph books and pen about 10 euros I think and soft toy 15 euros. Take costumes with you.

TyrannosaurusBex Sun 24-Feb-13 16:05:19

Dunno if anyone has mentioned the French website FNAC. They have an events section (and an English translation available) and there are frequent flash sales of tickets for the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show at €30 each, rather than €57 for adults and €45 for kids which made me hmm.
They do charge €10 to send the tickets to the UK, but as we were booking 9 seats we didn't mind!

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