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disneyland paris new years eve - any experiences?

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givemeaclue Thu 02-Aug-12 13:16:27

-is it packed/long queues/nightmare
-is it very expensive gala dinners only available - is it possible to get the half board offer or is that not on/very expensive - how do you eat normally - the new years eve meals at the hotel literally cost hundreds of pounds per person!

have you been at new year - can you advise?


crunched Sat 29-Sep-12 19:41:40

We went in 2008 but doubt it has changed. Yes it was absolutely packed- leaving the car park took 3 hours!- but was worth it !
We needed something totally different from the usual family celebrations due to bereavements during the year, and zooming round on roller coasters just about did it. We stayed in a hotel on the shuttle bus route and had an early gala buffet, but chose to take the car thinking the buses would be hellish - at least our younger ones slept during the (entertaining) car park mayhem!

givemeaclue Sun 30-Sep-12 18:47:15

Thanks, we booked for half term instead in the end, much cheaper!

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