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Villa Verao Sol, Praia D'Oura, Algarve - villa holiday in Portugal. Whaddya think?

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LittenTree Sun 10-Jun-12 14:58:10


It's on the south coast of Portugal- never been to the area.

Whilst I don't expect anyone to have actually stayed here, anyone know the area at all? The villa isn't on the main street so I'm hoping if the main drag is kiss-me-quick/Watney's red barrel iykwim.. it won't be a huge issue!

Any thoughts welcome!

jennylindinha Sun 10-Jun-12 22:06:11

That villa looks amazing! I've not stayed in Praia D'Oura but I have stayed in Albufeira old town before and it is really lovely in that area. We walked along the beach to the main strip one day and unfortunately, it is what you might expect and not to my taste personally, but the beaches are great and it is easy to walk along to Albufeira and other places and get around generally.

Some lovely resturants and bars, particularly near Fishermans Beach in Albufeira, but I am sure that there will be some good ones in Praia D'Oura too. There is some amazing seafood, try the local dish called Cataplana - it's a big copper pan that the food is cooked in and the fish/seafood version is delicious.

I think that if you have a great villa like that with its own pool then you'll be ok! Ooh, I'm jealous now...

Hayls1985 Wed 11-Jan-17 21:05:08

Hi, I realise this is a ridiculously old thread, we've just booked this villa and I was just looking for more info and this came up and was intrigued if you actually stayed there and what you thought of it? Thanks

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