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chaya5738 Tue 31-Jan-12 11:42:24

Can anyone tell me what Valencia would be like in April with a 2.5 year old? And where should we stay (area, hotels)?

Ideally we'd like a self-catering apartment near-ish to the beach and good restaurants and a park...(not too much to ask!)

Thanks so much

BPrincess Tue 21-Feb-12 21:35:49

Reckon you'd have a great time. Weather would be nice, t-shirts in the day, jacket in the evening. Used to live there, but it was 15yrs ago, so don't remember the areas etc. The whole of the river bed, which runs through the centre of the city is a park, so that should be easy enough. Public transport is good, so easy to get to and from the beach, although the best beaches are outside the city, though I believe they've really cleaned up the beaches in Valencia since I lived there. There are heaps of good restaurants and bars throughout the city so that shouldn't be hard, wherever you are. Good luck.

popflos Wed 22-Feb-12 08:24:26

when we visit we stay with friends in the Ruztafa neighbourhood.. walking distance to Colom market for hot chocolate and merrygorounds, or el corte ingles, or down to the riverbed for walks, you must visit the Gulliver play ground, big giant lying on the ground that the kids climb all over. its a great city. but choose between city or beach, tricky to do both. or do a few days city hotel and a few days at the beach. if you really want a beach holiday head about an hour south. but in april i wouldnt bank on it being beach weather

AshleyTransfers Thu 23-Feb-12 09:21:05

I went to Valencia in April a few years ago and the weather was absolutely glorious- as soon as we stepped off the plane the warmth hit us and the sunshine never went away the whole three days. I liked the riverbed too and I would recommend the aquarium too, I'll never forget the beluga whale there, that seemed to wave back at us when we waved at it! Lots of lovely tapas restaurants. I wouldn't know what hotel to recommend for you, as ours was amazing value but it was a long way from the coast. We got on the tram down into town each day which was easy.
Hope you have a great time!

johnpaolo Sun 26-Feb-12 10:08:30

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

lindaelchiou Tue 28-Nov-17 23:20:24

Looking to go to Valencia in August with 5 & 3 year old? Any ideas on best places to stay. Want to go to beaches in the day but also be close to the city! Are there any good beaches walking distance from the city or are transport links good enough to hop on and off? Thank you

Polichinelle Wed 06-Dec-17 12:31:29

Transport is fine. Depending on where you are staying, you'll need the tram or the bus. The nearest beach to town is called Malvarrosa.

August will be very hot so plan accordingly

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