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Sicily - half term - any accommodation suggestions?

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Oct-11 22:18:16

Flying in to Palermo but haven't managed to book accommodation and hadn't quite realised what a large island it is! Ideally would have a heated or indoor pool and maybe access to tennis and/or bikes. I'd also like to be near a nice beach.... agriturismo has been muted by the dh but there are so many would love a recommendation for that or a hotel. Taking m in law and kids 12, 10 and 5... any suggestions welcome. thanks!

TinaBoo Mon 24-Oct-11 22:54:19

Agriturismo can be a bit hit and miss as it is not regulated - some are great, some can be truly awful. We have always used a company called Think Sicily - the owners are a young couple with kids of their own so are very understanding of family needs. Their villas can be pricy but by half term it should be a lot cheaper than high summer.

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