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Sensatori Tenerife

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clucky80 Tue 04-Oct-11 11:28:45

Hi everyone, I am going to the Sensatori in Tenerife on Friday with DH, DS (10 months) and best friend and her DH and I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere nearby where we can buy nappies, wipes, baby food etc? We are going to bring a big carton of Aptamil powder with us and may get some cartons airside at the airport as they are handy to have if you are out and will also bring swim nappies as I have heard these can be difficult to find. DS has also tried SMA milk and drunk it so if I could buy cartons of milk somewhere too that would be handy? I know that the hotel is in the middle of nowhere but there is a small village within walking distance. I am getting a bit nervous now as it's the first time we have been abroad with DS and I have started writing my lists! He is booked in for the creche at the Sensatori for the 7 mornings although I am not sure he will go this often - I am going back to work in November so I thought it may ease him in to nursery which he will be attending for 2 days per week. I have looked at some threads on here and I am thinking that maybe we should have booked the Anthelia or the Bahia Del Duque - too late now though! We might hire a car for a couple of days and have a drive around and go to the Loro Parque one day. Do you know if car hire complanies can supply reliable car seats as we aren't going to be bringing our own? Also from reading another thread on here do you think the swimming pools will be too cold to go in?! I don't think that they are heated - I have looked online and its apparently about 29degrees at the moment over there. Sorry this is a bit garbled - I have so many questions at the moment and I am not even going to begin thinking about the plane journey!!

rookiemater Tue 04-Oct-11 20:47:18

Hi there, we are off to Tenerife next Friday to the Anthelia next week and can't wait.

Are you away for a week or a fortnight? If its a week would you not be better just bringing the milk powder with you and one of those mini dispensers for mixing up bottles. You can get sterilising microwave bags or if you don't have a microwave then bring the tablets.

Definitely bring swim nappies, they will be about triple the price at home.

Babies abroad need nappies too, so if yo uneed to buy any you will be fine!

Car hire is not too expensive, most car seats from car hire companies wherever you go tend to be a bit dodgy and expensive probably 30-35 euros for a week, so I would see how much it would cost to bring your own on the plane or contact the resort to see if they have any ideas.

To be honest I'm not sure that a nursery abroad in a hotel would get your DS used to going to nursery at home , he may well not like it and kick up a fuss about going, so if you have to pay in advance for it you may wish to consider this. We found evening babysitting worked best at that age, but having said that your DS would probably sleep in his pram/buggy if you take him out at night.

Also re your location, at your DS's age he won't be much interested in the entertainment or swimming possibilities I'm sure your hotel will be lovely.

Not sure about the pool, I'm surprised its not heated at least a bit, again maybe check with the resort, or read reviews on trip advisor.

And brrreaaatheee. You are in Tenerife not Outer Mongolia, they have experience of babies and children, they sell pretty much everything in the shops, have a lovely time. smile

clucky80 Wed 05-Oct-11 09:35:06

Hi Rookie, thanks so much for your response! We are only away for a week and that's a really good idea about the milk dispensers - I am sure we have some in the cupboard that I can find! The hotel are providing Mothercare bits - a cot, highchair, bottle warmer and steriliser so that's quite handy and less things to bring. In terms of his food I think I will bring some of the Ella pouches and DS also has finger food so he can have some of ours at b,l and dinner time. We get a fridge in the room too so I can get him some yoghurts etc. Haha yes very true, I forget that other countries have babies too and they will need everything DS needs! That's a good idea too re car seats. I think half of my problem is that as I am not at work at the moment I have far too much time to look at things on the internet and worry about things I don't need to. Need to just relax and go with the flow! Thanks again for the advice and I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday too smile

HappyAsASandboy Wed 05-Oct-11 10:32:18

We're going to Sensatori on Friday too. I'll be looming at every 4 adult + 1 baby group and guessing if one if the mums is a MNetter!

I'm taking enough if everything to 'cope', with the hope that I can get things there to make it easier. We have 11 month old twins (so now you can spot us too!), so I've only been able to pack the minimum, but I've got:

* One disposable nappy each per day (for overnight)
* One swim nappy each per day (planning on using nappy liners and removing solids then keeping same nappy for all swims on each day blush
* Enough cereal for 7 breakfasts, plus formula to make up
* Enough Ella-type pouches for one meal per day
* Cloth nappies (which we use at home in the day anyway) - 4 each, so will have to wash them every night
* Two packs of wipes. Should be enough but might need to buy or use cotton wool and water

For the third meal, I'm hoping there will be enough suitable at the restaurant. Otherwise, apparently the hotel shop sells jars (3 euros!) or there is a shop in walkable village.

I hope we both have a great time!

clucky80 Thu 06-Oct-11 08:15:39

Hi Happyas, ah that's great! Have you started packing yet? I have been gathering things into piles for a few days but like everything in my life I can't really get started doing things until I am under pressure! I really hope we don't have any delays at the airport tomorrow, our flight is at 15:50pm so hopefuly DS shouldn't be too cranky! That's handy to know that the shop sells jars too. I'll definitely look out for you, do the same with me! Take care and safe journey smile

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