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A free afternoon in Lyon??

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Blueberry3 Fri 30-Sep-11 11:14:14

I'm off to Lyon on a work trip soon and have a free afternoon and evening. Heaven. But need to start planning..use my time wisely. Does anyone know the city and have advice on best things to do, let's face it... most interesting shops really.....but also bars and cafes where I can sit and read a novel with a glass of rose peut-etre?? Am staying within 10 minutes of the Old Town which I'm guessing is worth a wander..?

RattusRattus Fri 30-Sep-11 11:17:04

The old town is lovely - you'll find lots of lovely shops and cafes down there. I have spent many an afternoon gently wandering around that part of town. The rest of it on the other side of the river isn't worth bothering with.

If you're a culture vulture you could head up to the Roman theatre which is just outside the old town.

Blueberry3 Fri 30-Sep-11 14:16:26

Thanks RattusRattus, I think I need to slow down and stop planning to cram in as much as I can into what will realistically be a couple of hours before dark.....some gentle wandering in the old town sounds ideal.

cheerup Fri 30-Sep-11 20:52:13

Lyon is a fantastic city. Le Vieux Lyon is beautiful as is La Croix Rousse pink town houses linked by 'traboules' built for silk workers to carry their wares without getting damaged by the rain. Fourviere - where the ampitheatre is. Parc Tete D'Or - a fantastic park by the side of the river. Two rivers to walk along. Its a fantastic place to wonder and soak up the atmosphere. There is so much to do but it's a big place and realistically in a few hours you could only visit one of these so just pick one and give yourself enough time to enjoy it. I was a student there nearly 20 years ago and am really hoping to get back there next summer myself.

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