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Europe with DP and 9 month old Landal or Xmas Markets

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GruffalowsMammy Sun 18-Sep-11 11:56:18

Somehow it is now getting cold and we haven't been on holiday and I am desperate to get away before the year ends.

Pre-ds I would have been heading to Copenhagen for xmas beer and the markets at nyhavn and trivoli,

Was thinking of going to a landal (rabbit hill) for a week in November but now wonder if I should go to Estonia (Tallinn) for the Christmas market in early December (I can then call it part of DP's birthday and spend a little more). Or maybe Sweden (Gothenberg) has anyone done this with a small dc? (I should add hes not great at night but is an angel in the day).

Portofino Sun 18-Sep-11 20:40:49

You could go to Landal Hoog Vaals and visit the markets (in the caves) in Valkenberg and Aachen/Monschau also have lovely markets (and are very pretty) We went to Hoog Vaals at Easter are going back for Autumn half term.

GruffalowsMammy Sun 18-Sep-11 21:17:32

Thanks, I will check that out.

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