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Lost passport by British Airways

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SamSeewoosaha Sat 17-Sep-11 21:56:45

I left my passport on the plane to Barcelona on 16th of September but was not allowed to go back to the plane and spent the night at the airport waiting to be repatriated to London. I received a call during the night from BA customer services saying the passport has been found on the flight back to London and that a note was going to be left with Immigration at Terminal 3 and my document would be ready for pick up on the 17th.Not to spoil my original plans and on the knowledge that my passport was ready for pick up, I booked anothe flight with airmiles, I left 4 hours in between just in case of any problems arising. My original plan was to spend a long week end in Spain and return on Monday, 19th.On my arrival, there was no passport, was sent to the customer services desk then to lost property desk but to no avail. I even called the BA Executive Club and they could not help and even asked me what do I expect them to do. I am in a situation where BA had my passport and misplaced it and now are not ready to take responsibility.BA's response is to declare the passport lost at my local police station. I cancelled the airmiles flight but BA wil lnot refund the airmiles because the cancellation was within 24 hours and not acknowledging that it is their fault that I cannot travel. At present, I do not know what to do, BA has not been helpful.

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