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Need hols ideas for break before maternity leave ends, boooooo

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lizardqueenie Tue 06-Sep-11 13:30:16


I need some ideas for a break for myself, dh & DD who is one in Oct for a week away somewhere before I returnto work. It will be her first time on a plane (and our first time on a plane with the responsibility of a baby!) so don't want to go anywhere too far but would like some nice warm enough to hang by the pool/ beach type weather.

Planning to go either end of Sept/ beginning of Oct and would hate to go anywhere that is like that programme Benidorm!

Thank you

downpipe Tue 06-Sep-11 14:55:28

Puerto Pollensa in Majorca is a lovely family friendly resort,short flight from UK ,warm then,and more upmarket than some of the other "Brits Abroad" type of resorts.We went there this summer with a 22 month old & 10 week old.We rented an apartment through and did our own flight & car etc but Thomas Cook do packages there too.For more ideas look at as everything on their is geared towards children.Been to Lanzarote & Fueteventura too with toddler and both lovely but longer flight.

lizardqueenie Wed 07-Sep-11 18:08:00

Thanks for that. Some good ideas there. smile

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