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Holiday in Holland?

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Matsikula Mon 29-Aug-11 22:10:22

My husband has just, somewhat bizarrely in my view, declared that next summer, we shall holiday in the Netherlands. This is mostly because, all being well, we should have a small baby and a toddler by then, and he is convinced that overnight (and for some reason, it must be overnight) ferry will be the only possible way to travel with them.

If the children were older and we could even put the little un on a bike seat, I'd be quite up for a holiday involving lots of cycling, but as it is, I'm at a loss to imagine where we could go.

Any suggestions, or should I just knock this one on the head now? we tend to take it in turns to choose destinations, and this time it is his turn. Last time he picked the Caribbean, which makes this even more odd.

VinoEsmeralda Mon 29-Aug-11 22:14:44

The Wadden Islands are really nice

Duinrell ( havent been but heard lots of good about it)

Center parcs

Any of the holiday parcs near the beach. (Zeeland particular)

IMO ( bit bias as am Dutch) Holland is a very child friendly country. Brilliant child friendly restaurants and lovely beaches...

Matsikula Tue 30-Aug-11 20:01:53

The Wadden Islands look nice, but I am afraid I'm going to resist institutional fun like centre parcs and theme parks for as long as I can get away with it.

What's the weather like? Any better than the UK?

I've only been to Amsterdam for a few days as a student. We stayed in the Jordaan, managed to completely avoid the seedier areas and had a great time, but I do remember it being pretty damp.

Matsikula Tue 30-Aug-11 20:02:35

Sorry, meant to say thank you VinoEsmerelda (very rude of me!)

Decorhate Wed 31-Aug-11 09:18:24

Weather is about the same as the UK. We have been to Duinrell & it's good for older kids but yours are probably a bit young. The beaches near there are lovely but tbh it would be easier to just stay in the UK & have a similar holiday!

gardeningsarah Wed 31-Aug-11 16:14:35

The center parcs might be a good option, as they are cheaper then the UK ones especially if you can travel in term time. Could be very useful if the weather is not so good as there is always the indoor swimming pool. The beaches are lovely and sandy. Can recommend the overnight ferry, which is how we usually travel to Holland, we started using it when my children were 4 & 2. Hope this helps.

SecretSquirrels Wed 31-Aug-11 18:27:45

I love the Netherlands and have been several times both with and without DCs. Have to say though that with children we stayed in Center Parcs. They are all around Holland , supremely child friendly and a good base.
However with children so small they are not going to get anything out of sight seeing and if you want a traditional seaside holiday you may as well stay in the UK as the weather is the same.
We have done overnight ferries fro Hull and Harwich. Hull far better as the crossing is longer so you are leaving the boat at a reasonable time. (Also nearer for us).

Portofino Thu 01-Sep-11 10:57:10

Look at - similar to CPs but much cheaper. We've been to a couple of these and had a great time. We spent Easter at Hoog Vaals and had a great time. The countryside is lovely round there and it's easy to visit Valkenberg, Maastricht (I love Maastricht) and Aachen. We are going back at half term.

The Belgian coast might be another alternative - De Haan is lovely and the beaches are fantastic.

bemybebe Thu 01-Sep-11 11:02:51

I would stay in the UK tbh. Weather is the same as in the UK. Although Holland is fantastically child-friendly, there is nothing that UK cannot offer at a similar price for this age group. When the kids are older I would go sailing.

Matsikula Sat 03-Sep-11 09:37:06

Thank you for all the suggestions. I might check out the Centreparcs / Landal options.

I don't think I can bear staying in the UK after this summer though - I need some sunshine, or failing that, at least a nice dose of a different culture. I like strange sounding food items on menus, and trying to say hello in a different language.

I guess I have itchy feet...

TheRealMBJ Sat 03-Sep-11 09:44:16

Matsikula we are planning exactly the same thing! We will have a toddler and 7 month old next May and might try catch the back of the tulips. An overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam for 4 in a car + berth is only £220 return and as we are in the North-East it is actually quite convenient for us.

It really seems like a good and economical way for us as a family to travel especially considering all the paraphernalia one needs when travelling with small children (can just go in the car rather than having to faff at the airport/rent etc, etc) and will allow us to get abroad.

I too am need a bit of different culture. We have enjoyed holidaying in England this year, but I'd love to get back to Europe.

SecretSquirrels Tue 06-Sep-11 18:43:30

Language is interesting in Holland. As a family we always learn a few pleasantries in the local language which is fun, but not enough to read a menu. We found that although English is widely spoken there, things like road signs and menus are only in Dutch.
There is a wonderful fairytale/gothic theme park called Efteling. All visitor information was in Dutch. We ended up having to listen to a very long ghost story Dutch.
If your children are old enough (around 8+ I would say)the National liberation museum is well worth a visit.

Portofino Tue 06-Sep-11 19:17:16

I like the Drielandepunkt, where you can be in 3 countries at once. There is a really good maze there too and a look out tower.

t0lk13n Tue 06-Sep-11 19:22:06

I am going to Holland for halfterm in October and it is costing half the price for the week to go to Center Parcs....£900 for the week as opposed to £1800 for the week in Longleat Center Parcs. It could be cheaper if you wanted a different villa.

Portofino Tue 06-Sep-11 19:29:23

I get sent the money off offers for Landal/sun parks and CP in Belgium/Holland. I should think to share them on here.

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