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Algarve water parks - advice please!

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anonymousbird Thu 25-Aug-11 13:33:01

Youngest child now old enough (I think!) so we have promised them a visit this year. We are nearest to the one in Quarteira, and wondered if anyone had been. Is it worth it? Is it the kind of place we stay for several hours? Will DH and I just go potty or might we actually half enjoy throwing ourselves around in the water and down the slides?

Must confess I am finding their website pretty hopeless (eg. re height/age restrictions/general information) but at the best part of 100 Euros for the four of us, I want to know a bit more about it before we shell out.....

Many thanks

SecretSquirrels Thu 25-Aug-11 18:08:14

I've been to all the water parks in the Algarve though not for a year or two. I'd have to say they were tired, shabby, dated and very overcrowded.
I have teenagers so water parks are a must on holidays. If your children are not tall enough for the rides it's pretty much like taking them to a theme park where they can't go on the rides. Unless you and DH can take turns to slide while the other watches the DCs.

myalias Fri 26-Aug-11 17:17:27

I went to the Aqualand waterpark last week at Alcantarilha about 30 minutes drive from Quarteira. It depends on your child's age and height as to whether you will get the full fun factor of the rides. There is a lovely big pool, wave pool and lazy river if you just want to chill out. You can also use your ticket again for a return visit at a reduced price.

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