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Galway help please

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YeahThatsTheBadger Tue 23-Aug-11 14:55:35

Need a bit of advice please.

My brother is getting married in Athenry on a saturday in August next year. We'd like to go from the Wednesday til the Monday cos i'm a bridesmaid and it's my bro so I want to be there to help out (and join in any extra celebrations!)

We have 2 dc who will be nearly 5 and 3 by then. Ideally we want to book a self catering place as it means we don't have to pay for 3 meals a day plus snacks, and we have somewhere that they can have a bit of quiet time.

Problem is the house is €500 a week and only available from saturday-saturday and so we'd need to book it for the 2 weeks. The hotel has a family room at €199 a night for B&B. So, they end up at the same price.

We're not sure which would be best so would appreciate any advice or any alternatives. And also any suggestions on things to do while we are there.


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