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First abroad holiday with 20 month... country recommendations pls

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bbface Sun 21-Aug-11 21:20:55


Planning on booking a week's holiday in May next year.

Absolutely no idea where appropriate so I would love to hear your experiences.

My DS will be 20 months at the time. He sleeps well and is adaptable. Absolute firecracker during the day.... extremely active, so this needs to be considered!

OR should we book earlier, when DS is younger? i.e. Feb (so 17 months). Does it make any difference?

Thanks so much.

bbface Sun 21-Aug-11 21:29:00

Waiting for MNHQ to remove. Sorry meant to post in Parenting

popflos Wed 31-Aug-11 10:49:13

Spain in May is glorious, i am biased but look at
tried and tested and lots of reviews on mumsnet
february is cold unless you travel a lot further, so playing outside all day is less of an option.

Nefret Fri 02-Sep-11 11:57:57

It wont make a lot of difference whether he is 17 months or 20 months to be honest. I would say May is the better time to go away as you will have more choice then, many holiday resorts wont open up for the summer season until May when the weather gets nicer.

Really you could go anywhere. I took my children to Turkey when they were babies, toddlers and we still go every year. Or you could choose Spain, the Spanish Islands, Portugal is nice, Greece, Italy etc.

You need to think about what type of accomodation. We usually go self caterinig in an apartment or villa as we find it gives us more room plus we have a fridge and cooking facilities shoudl we need them.

Or you could stay in a hotel.

ENormaSnob Sat 03-Sep-11 14:39:00

Just got back from turkey, dc3 is 21 months.

Had a great holiday and turkey is now my favourite place ever.

Tbh I think you could go anywhere with a toddler.

Atomant Mon 05-Sep-11 08:14:56

Are you planning to book a separate seat on the plane for your LO?
If not you should give flight duration consideration.
We went to S of France when DD was 14 months and 2 hour flight was a nightmare both ways as she had no seat & was very very active. Cannot imagine doing this when she was 20 months when she was so much bigger, talking I.e shouting "No mummy!", running, jumping etc
We went to Portugal this year when she was 2.2 yrs & what a different experience. We were geared up for a nightmare again but it was no hassle at all as she had her own space.

I know it's only a few hours each way but it was so stressful & physically demanding for us at that age.

Have a nice break where ever you go smile

hayleysd Tue 13-Sep-11 07:26:23

We took our then 17 month old to turkey in may and he was fine but they were night flights so he fell asleep, we are going to Egypt next week and he is nearly 21 months and it's a daytime flight there! Have filled the iPad with films and baby apps to keep him busy for a bit, am planning on letting him run round the airport before boarding and hope he has a long nap!

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