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Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife?

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Whiteybaby Sat 20-Aug-11 13:03:52

We are hoping to get away for a week in October with dc's 2.6 and 4 months. I am thinking of a self catering apartment and it looks like Tenerife could be a winner. Puerto De La Cruz looks slightly less touristy but I wondered if this means a long transfer from the airport or colder weather?

Also any suggestions about places to stay very gratefully recieved !


LakeFlyPie Sat 20-Aug-11 19:29:08

We went to Tenerife in March a few years ago for some pre PFB winter sun and stayed at this place which is also on the north of the island.
It was an absolutely beautiful place to stay and although not the SC apartment you had in mind, there were other families with young children staying there.

We flew into the southern airport and it was quite a drive (lots of hills / hairpin bends) but you could fly into the airport in the north which would be less of a trek.

Garachico is a lovely little town completely devoid of the touristy atmosphere I expected in Tenerife.
We did go to Puerto de la Cruz for an afternoon and TBH it was a bit more like sunny Blackpool the Tenerife we were keen to avoid, although probably less so than Los Cristanos etc on the south of the island IYKWIM.

Weather was fine, cloudy (but warm) in the mornings but sunny by lunchtime, not sure about October though.

I would love to go back with DSs for a family holiday one day smile

Whiteybaby Mon 22-Aug-11 21:07:18

Thx for response Lake. It looks lovely and I used to use the i-escape website loads before children when we had cash!

Budgets are looking iffy so we might wait till next Spring and go somewhere nice rather than too cheap and cheery now. Will def save this for then!

epeems Thu 25-Aug-11 00:28:55

In the north there aren't beaches as such. If you're happy with hotel pool then will be great.

Lisa2 Thu 25-Aug-11 01:47:46

Hi there.
I live in Tenerife in the south of the island.
I have a good friend who lives in Puerto del a cruz and she calls me about 3 times a week to see what the weather is like where i am.
She has had rain for 3 days this week and that is very unusual for august but it is more likely to get cloud and rain in the north. it is also quite a lot cooler too but very green and with some beautiful, unspoilt places.

If you want warm sunshine each day i would head to the south of the island.

If you want any hotel recommendations etc do let me know as i have a childcare buisness here and i know many of the hotels.

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