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3.9 DD first flight tips?

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duffybeatmetoit Wed 17-Aug-11 18:37:41

Flying to France in a few weeks and it will be DD's (3.9) first experience of flying. She does get car sick so not sure if flying is likely to affect her. Any hints, tips? (Flying with Ryanair so prepared for it not to be a great experience).

girlywhirly Fri 19-Aug-11 08:38:01

I wouldn't risk the sickness, get a suitable medication for DD. You wouldn't want her first flight to be marred by feeling/being sick, plus will be doing a favour to all the other passengers. If you have a potette, have it set up with a liner, in the event of the tablet not working, just the fact that there is something to be sick in can act as a placebo. Don't try to manage with the paper sick bags.

You could prepare her by having a visit to the airport, to look at the planes taking off and landing, possibly look around the landside terminal. You can explain about the suitcases going on a ride on the conveyor to be loaded onto the plane, and how the pilot 'drives' the plane. Look for books for children about travelling on a plane.

Take spare clothes in hand luggage, and a favourite toy. Make sure DD has snacks and a drink (not fizzy), you could have a special trip to the airside shops to buy these.

On the plane, keep DD occupied so that she is less likely to feel poorly or anxious; read a story, draw, play with small toys, but with a history of motion sickness it's best not to play with computer style games. The flight itself shouldn't be very long, so this should be OK. Some new comics might be good, often they have little toys/novelties attached. The comics are handy to fold into your bag when disembarking, and get one out while waiting in boring security queues, or waiting for luggage, etc.

Most importantly, if you are calm and relaxed, DD will be.

shmoz Fri 19-Aug-11 08:50:16

Excellent ideas from girly

Allow yourselves plenty of time, if you end up rushing it becomes a fraught experience.

Ryanair have a bad rep, but I've flown with them loads and never had a problem. Pay for priority boarding if you can, it's worth it - you'd be surprised at the number of families who board last onto the plane only to find there are no seats together (surprise!), cue much huffing and puffing and stress and people moving seats etc etc.
Also, make sure you comply with Ryanair regs i.e. only 1 item of hand luggage to fit within a certain size - again you'd be amazed at the number of people who can't comprehend this.
Oh, and don't buy food or drink on board - the cost is really stress-inducing!

Have a great time!

Mumsnut Fri 19-Aug-11 09:01:26

Two words: Peppa. Pig.

Ensure you have previously unveiled Peppa items with you will not know your dd is there ...

duffybeatmetoit Thu 25-Aug-11 11:32:18

Thank you everyone. Unfortunately DD has been badly burnt at nursery so the trip is currently looking like it might not happen, but I've stored the info away for when we can use it.

shmoz Thu 25-Aug-11 13:44:48

Oh no, poor DD how awful sad hope she'll be better soon

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